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Name– Dr Shweta Kakade Potdar

About Me

Profession– Dentist by profession.
I am also the founder of The Lady Bosses Academy and Puneri Thaska Network.


Puneri Thaska is a network of women across Pune and a few other other cities in India. We also have a chapter of our network in United states of America. We have a free Dire Tory and a magazine for the group members.

The Lady Bosses Academy is my effort towards teaching wen how they can leverage social media, build a solid digital presence and empower themselves through new skills.


My primary profession (Dentist) allows me to give back to the society through health care. But Puneri Thaska Network and The Lady Bosses Academy enable me to give back and contribute towards women empowerment by working at grass root levels. My mission is to empower all the women by teaching them how to do their jobs independently. “EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EXECUTION”


1. Member of Facebook Community Leadership Circles.

2. My website ranks on 1st page of Google.

3. Several women have been able to take their businesses a notch higher through their trainings at The Lady Bosses Academy.

4. Several women have a good digital presence because of puneri thaska magazine and directory.

5. Awards –

15 Women Achievers of Pune by Brijbhoomi Foundation.

Me Padvidhar Award Nomination



The Lady Bosses

Puneri Thaska