Checklist on How to become an Influencer

Do you want to be a social media influencer? Then follow this checklist. This will help you create a road map towards becoming an influencer.

Step 1

1. Select a topic
2. Select and define 1 main platform of influence
3. Define your means of influence. Is it number of followers, fame, blog hits, or something else.
4. Start posting content about your topic of choice on all your platforms.
5. Social media alone is not digital marketing . Your social media activities are not completely recorded by Google.

Step 2

6. Start a blog or a website so you can have a record on Google.
7. Google is a search engine used by even the people who are not on social media. That is the reason blogs are important.

Step 3

8. Start building bigger pieces of content.
9. Repurpose that content on all platforms.
10. Drive traffic to your main platform through other platforms.
11. Keep in mind the restrictions of each platform. Play by them for best results.

Step 4

12. Patience is the name of the game.
13. Being an influencer is a full time job. It takes that much time and effort.
14. Take your time to figure out your goals. Once you do, just work towards it.

Step 5

15. Once you have your basic workflow, following and content ready , start running ads on all or any social media platforms.
16. Start collaborating with other influencers.
17. Keep repeating , improvising and doing your job everyday!
18. Your influence is as strong as the value you give to your community.

19. Promotions are not value addition. Promotion is the luxury of influencers after they have given enough to their followers in free.

20. Learn basic graphic designing and digital marketing skills. The more you understand the digital world, the easier for you to travel through it.

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