The Lady Bosses Premium

Do you want to become an influencer?

Do you want to be a Lady Boss who has a solid presence on social media?
Do you want to create your own brand online?

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I invite you to join my 15 day comprehensive course. Here I will tell you all the secrets of creating your own social and digital influence. I will teach you how to grow your audience and become an Influencer. I will tell you how you can become a digital and social media entrepreneur.

Come join me on this 15 days journey of transforming yourself into a Lady Boss!
Brand yourself before others brand you!

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Take charge and take 1 step towards your own branding. In the digital world that we live in, it’s a must for any brand and business to have a solid presence and influence on social media.
Being a thought leader in your industry is important if you want to build a reputation for your business.
Becoming an influencer is not an easy job. I will give you the tools that can help you reduce your time to reach to the top!

When- Now
Where- On Facebook!
FEES- 2500 INR only.



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Join the lady bosses premium and get access to all my secrets of digital and social media marketing.

The Lady Bosses Premium is an exclusive Facebook group. Once you register you will have access to the group for 15 days. In these 15 days I will share all the tips and tricks of social media digital marketing with you. By the end of these 15 days you will know exactly what you should be doing and how you should be planning your social media journey.

I am excited to start this journey with you!!

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What will you learn in this 15 days course?

  • Social media
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram
  • Digital marketing
  • Blogging
  • Branding and audience generation
  • Content marketing & content distribution
  • YouTube
  • Images, video editing, and content generation.
  • Creating your own influence on social media

In short , I will give you a road map towards creating your audience and presence on social media.



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