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Dr Shweta Kakade Potdar.

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Hello Bosses! Welcome to The Lady Bosses Academy.

I am Dr Shweta Kakade Potdar primarily a Dentist by profession. I have my independent Dental Practice in Pune, (India) from the year 2010. In the beginning of my Dental practice all the tools of practice and business management were very expensive. So I set up my own digital business management systems. All free of cost! Today I have a fully automated and sustainable set up that works very well for me!

Apart from being a full time Dentist I also am the founder and admin of 6 engaged facebook groups with 40,000 members collectively. I also run 5 different blogs with good traffic since 2012. I have learnt,understood and implemented social media engagement for a long time . I have designed my own quick ways of generating predictable and sureshot engagement on social media.

In this process of self education I learnt a lot about how businesses can be digitised easily and with minimum costs. Even better if it can be done FREE of cost!

I founded The Lady Bosses Academy to share all my learnings and knowledge with you. If you are someone who is looking forward to

●digitizing your business

●organising your business online

●Getting more engagement on social media

then all the content here will prove to be very helpful for you. I really wish nobody should waste a lot of time trying to find out resources for their business. I have done all the hard work for you. And this is the place where I ‘ll be sharing it all with you.

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Add value to your readers. Value is the single most important factor for content to go viral. There is no mild way of putting it. But nobody on social media is interested in Looking at promotions flashed to them. People ignore them and move on. Have a look at your portal and timeline. If its full of promotional content revamp your strategy now. People don’t want to be sold stuff all the time. They want to have a good time on social media. They want to read topics of their Interest. Make sure your content is worth your readers time. If it isn’t they will just move on. So spend your content generation time wisely. Test your Content : Are your readers taking back something new after they consume your content?  If the answer is No , then remove the valueless content and add value right now. .

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The Lady Bosses Academy is a place for empowering and enabling women to do online Businesses. We conduct regular online training courses so women can update their skills from the comfort of their homes and at a time convenient for them.We don’t need to be restricted to an office or a place to manage the backend of our businesses. Our main aim is to create a Network of women to support, encourage and empower each other. I believe that ability to execute things till the end is the true meaning of empowerment. We provide tools and education to women all around the world to enable them to run their own businesses independently and powerfully. From anywhere in the world. Please join us in this mission to empower ourselves! Make sure you check out our free Library and start getting updated right away.


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