How to make money online.

Technology is a useful servant,but a dangerous master

Online business, making money online, becoming a social media influencer are the latest professions in great demand. Everyone wants a piece of this pie called the internet. How to earn online is the question on everybody’s mind.

To make money online, you first need an online presence. Often there are misconceptions that merely social media presence is enough. However,if you want a stable online business having your own blog or website is extremely important.

Shweta Potdar smartphone entrepreneur pune

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Social media

Social media portals belong to the platforms and not you. If these companies decide to shut down tomorrow you are at a risk of losing your entire business . So having your own website or a blog helps because you own that digital space . Basically having an audience visit a portal owned by you will lay the foundation of a stable online business.

Shweta Potdar smartphone entrepreneur pune

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Blog/ website

Many people are confused as to what is the difference between a blog and a website. Essentially both of them are the same. A blog is a space where you express your own thoughts. A website has much more to it, like a store, business front and other extensions. A website may or may not have a blog attached to it. These days the digital structure of a blog and website are the same. In my opinion, these terms can be used interchangeably in majority of the cases.

Shweta Potdar smartphone entrepreneur pune

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How to earn online?

1. If you can generate an audience on any platform, you can monetise that audience in several ways.

2. As a blogger, you can write sponsored content. Blogs are a great way of getting publicity for any business. It is very organic way of advertising. The bloggers audience have immense trust in the writer and the readers are more likely to take action on a bloggers suggestion.

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3. Affiliate marketing – Many companies have affiliate programs as a part of their policy. Every person who signs up as an affiliate gets a commission for every purchase made on his/ her referral. This is one of the most popular ways of earning for bloggers.


4. Social media influencer

Having a following on your social media helps you get brands and sponsors. This will add a lot to your online income. However be mindful of the fact that your following is real. Don’t fall into the trap of vanity metrics and buy fake followers or subscribers. That could cost you your account and you risk getting banned.

5. Become a content creator

With emergence of so many platforms,new content is always required to provide for the ever increasing number of people flocking these platforms. If you become a content creator you get to put across your thoughts in a way you find best. In today’s day and time, you can create content in any form- text, audio, video, images. Its up to your level of convenience which platform you choose. Content creators often end up becoming social media influencers because of their strong voices. Also they need social media to drive traffic to their primary content. Bloggers,vloggers , instagrammers etc are all in essence content creators.

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6. Become brand ambasssadors

You can become a brand ambassador or endorser of a brand in your niche. That becomes a win win situation for everyone in the ecosystem.

7. Sell your own products.

Finally, if you create and sell your own products , you will earn the most. Once you decide to stand behind your own products, you stand the chance of earning the best out of that.


If you are unsure of how you want to earn online, just start creating an audience for yourself. You will certainly figure out a way of income generation along the way.

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