Learn how you get targeted through facebook by advertisers.

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You are continuously a part of Someone’s marketing strategy

– Shweta Potdar #SmartphoneEntrepreneur

As we all know by now, facebook has the strongest ad network out of all the social media platforms so far. The different formats of placing ads and the thorough targeting of audience are the USP of facebook ads.

But how does facebook know which ads to show us? Have you ever experienced this? Say you fill up a form somewhere in a mall or in a parking lot for a lucky draw to win a car. And now you suddenly start seeing ads from that company everywhere. That is because you are being targeted by that company on facebook.

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Not just through text and browsing history,even the audio of your everyday conversations is being tracked to target you for relevant ads. If you discuss about a vacation with your friend, you both will suddenly start seeing ads about that location!! Flight tickets, discounted resort bookings and so on. All this because your audio got tracked by some company.

The basic unsaid principle of marketing is Whenever you use a free service, you agree to be subjected to the ads by the free service provider.

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One of the best ways to advertise on facebook is to upload your entire database to Facebook. Facebook targets the emails and phone numbers that are uploaded by the advertiser and targets you to show a particular ad on your timeline according to the uploaded data.

Websites are continuously tracking their users and their browsing history. Did you know, even your incognito mode is not really saving you from being spied on?

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Well, the justification behind this strategy is that every user of social media gets a customised experience based on their interests.

However the problem arises when these things are done unethically . There are sites who buy database unethically and upload your details to Facebook without your consent for targeting.

Facebook, in its latest attempt to reassure its users has introduced a new info tab for the ads that you see as a user. You can Now know and block the people who use your data unethically to spam you.

Just follow the following simple steps

●Just click on th 3 dots near an ad that has the sponsored tag.

●Now click on “why am I seeing this ad”

● Now facebook will show you the targeting criteria chosen by that particular advertiser. Just below this information you will find a tab “Manage your ad preferences. Click on that .

● Now click on Advertisers

●Now you so see a list of all the companies that uploaded your data to facebook to target you through your email or phone number. If you think you haven’t given a consent to any of these companies to use your email and phone number, you can hide ads from them. As a result you will not see the ads from them even if your contact details are used by them. This will show them less results for the ad. And eventually they will put more efforts into collecting data ethically and by consent.

Following the basic etiquette in marketing is very important. Its very easy to cultivate a negative brand impression in a user’s mind if you get registered as a spammer in their memory. It infact harms the brand more than it benefits. Don’t be the person people block or avoid because of over enthusiastic marketing.


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