Apps to make your life simpler- The Lady Bosses Academy

Work smart, along with working hard.

I believe the productivity and quality of the work hours put in should be high rather than the number of hours. In today’s times, when there is an app to count your heart rate just by strapping a device on your wrist; there certainly exist some technological tool to solve any problem you might face. You just have to make sure you search for the right tool.

With a few communities and few more blogs live on the internet, I have had my fair share of spending time and hustling through the initial phase of not working smart enough. Having an organised digital life is a concept I learned after going through a lot of chaos.

Here are some of the apps I use that make my digital and non-digital life easy. These apps make my entire life fit in a phone.

1. Note keeping app

All my random thoughts, content ideas, developed pieces of content and lists reside in my note keeping app. There are million of them out there. I prefer something that syncs with the multiple devices I might use.

I prefer Google Keep for it.

Application : This app can be used to jot down anything from shopping list to packing list to reminders to blog posts. It can take notes in audio,text and images.

Limitations: I haven’t found any so far.

Get the app here

2. Instamojo

This app is a lifesaver so many times. This app/website helps collect payments without sharing your bank details. I love this one for its simplicity and efficiency.

Application: This app can be used to collect online payments from any part of India.

Limitation: You cannot accept foreign currency through this app.

Click here to start using Instamojo free

3. Facebook

Well this one is a no brainer. This is one app with Maximum audience, traffic and conversions. Its one of the most popular social media portals and will remain so for a long time to come.

Application: Every form of marketing is possible over facebook. The marketing options and formats available on Facebook are the best as compared to other platforms.

Limitations: It takes a some practice to understand Facebook For business and ads manager.

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4 Apphi

I use this app to schedule my Instagram posts. It’s a life saver when you don’t have much time to actually login and post.

Application: This is one of the very few apps that can auto post to Instagram free of cost. This app can post an onstage post, story and An Igtv video.

Limitation: The free version allows posting of 10 posts per month. Paid upgrade is available for more auto posts.

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4. Story art

I love this app to create some pretty looking stories. I overuse stories on facebook and instagram. Making them pleasant looking and branded is important to me. This app help me with it.

Application: Use it for stories on all platforms. I also use it to create covers for my IGTV Videos.

Limitation: It has a limited number of templates.

Get the app here

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5. Unfollow app for Instagram

This is one app I use to track who unfollows me on Instagram. This helps when you have collaborations with people. It gives you a brief idea of the current wave.

Application: You can get a gist of the spammy accounts that can be blocked.

Limitation: Instagram blocks accounts for unfollowing people in bulk. Be careful with this one.

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6 Daily check app

This is a simple tick app. You set some tasks to do everyday. Once that task is done you just tick off the box. That way you never miss being regular and consistent.

Application: Use this to tick off small but easily forgettable tasks like taking supplements, medicines, prayers, getting into a new habit etc.

Limitation : None. It’s a free app. It helps me tremendously to keep a check of new habits I try to implement.

Get the app here

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7 Appointfix

This is a free app that sends sms to people about their appointments.

Application: If you are into consultations, or work on appointment basis , you can just enter an appointment in this. It will send an sms to the contact as per your requirement. It even integrates with your google calender.

Limitation: The free version has a limitation of 40 sms per month. Paid upgraded version is available.

Get the app here