Admins Guidebook for a Facebook Group

Let your efforts rise above your excuses.

This was a quote on a poster gifted to me by one of my teachers while I was just in my 7th grade. This quote has made a big difference in my attitude ever since.

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As a group admin, I am sure many of us are in constant dilemmas. How do we maintain the quality vs the quantity of content on our groups?

How do we keep adding value to our groups? What do we bring in the qualities that sets our group apart? Apart from all these questions, we are always thinking, is this the new Facebook Groups algorithm change? Or is it just happening in my group? I am sure each one of was taken aback by the sudden drop in the members’ count recently. And none of us knew as admins what was happening.

Here I am jotting down a few of my insights into How I go about managing my Facebook communities all alone. I believe when you are not spending time on the basic management, you can spare enough time to solve all of the above problems.

1. I rely heavily on automation

I keep looking for options and tools that can automate things for me. That means ,my social media posts are posted even when I am not logged in. Facebook Groups has recently started the option of scheduling posts for admins.

But if you have to post in multiple places at 1 time then Buffer and Hootsuite are the apps that will help you out.

I also connect all the other networks of my group via automation .

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E.g– The members of my largest community, Puneri Thaska, can join the whatsapp group network without sharing their numbers with anyone else. I have have managed to build 10 odd whatsapp groups through automation, without spending much time or effort on them. Nobody has to wait for the admin to be online or awake to get added in our whatsapp groups.

2. Keep an eye on insights.

Group insights are an excellent tool that can help an admin understand the trends of their groups. These insights tell you the most popular days, time and members of your group. The introduction of insights into the group means Facebook is not very far from introducing ads in facebook groups as well. Source

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3. Define the dos and donts in your group taking into consideration the latest facebook algorithm.

I try to keep myself up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes and mould my group rules around it. Every single rule in my group is designed around my ideas of good content and the current facebook algorithm. Now a days, the general population is digitally educated and well aware. As an admin one cannot be ignorant towards digital facts.

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4. Make use of different group types available.

When you go to your group settings, you will find group type option. Most of us select support option there.

However it is worth noting that different group types have different templates. If you select the type “Social learning”, you will be able to add and a tab of Units to your group. This is like an entire new section where you can arrange the content chronologically.

Mentorship program is another option being rolled out to randomly selected groups by facebook.

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5. Capitalise on watch parties

Watch parties is my latest favourite tool. I sometimes feel I overuse it. It’s a great way to communicate with the entire group through video. It has a very interactive interface.

6. Watch How Facebook Watch Party works

Click image to read more about Facebook watch party

7. Facebook group stories

Every facebook group now has a story option of its own. As an admin you can control who can put up stories in your group. Its worthwhile to know that every social media platform is considering stories as the most valuable space for engagement in 2019.

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8. Member Badges

Facebook group now has badges for the members as per their activities. Admins can switch on or off the badges setting. However the badges motivate and incentivise the members. So it’s a good idea to keep badges switched on.

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9. Groups below 250

In Groups with member count below 250 , any person who posts can see who all have seen his/her particular post. This is just a point to be mindful about. This “seen by” function gets automatically disabled after the member count goes above 250.

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10. Numbers

This is going to be a continuously debatable topic. The number of members vs the engagement. In my opinion, each has its own purpose and value. Had it not been so, we wouldn’t have felt the pinch of the recent drop in numbers. However every leader who is invested in a group understands the value of engagement very well. I believe it is going to be a constant struggle to maintain a balance.

These are my 10 tips as an admin of 8+ facebook communities.

Please let me know your tips in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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