How to convert enquiries into confirmed orders?

Its not about the ideas, Its about making the ideas happen

So you want to start a business or start working as a Free Lancer. You have a nice website, nice looking social media but nobody is ordering through them. How do you deal with this?

If you are expecting answers like magic tricks and wodoo tricks to get your social media success, then this is the right time to log out of this article.

Your social media popularity is a culmination of everything you do online and offline. Social media for your business is a continuous branding activity of building your brand and trust. Its not magic.

Well lets categorise different efforts and their purposes.

1. Website

The sole purpose of a website is having an online home for your business. People search for businesses before making a purchase. So make sure your website has the mentions of all your possible activities online and offline.

2. Social media.

Social media is the face of your business. Make sure it stands out. It should be styled such that it speaks about the character of a business.

Also all your potential clients are on social media. So you should have open channels of communication on your portals.

Create a lot of shareable content for some free promotion. If you only share promotional content everyday, you are going to have people unfollow you.

How do you begin the conversion of enquiries into sales?

The 1st step is get those enquiries. You need to be visible on social media to start getting the enquiries in the 1st place.

1. Post content people will like.

Have you ever stuck around to watch a tv commercial on the middle of your favourite movie or tv show?

No! Majority of us will change the channel or use the time for a quick washroom trip. This tells us that people avoid ads.

To make sure you cut through this mentality, make sure your ads…

Don’t look like ads.

Figure out what people look for in a business of your industry. Start answering those questions. People will start coming back for more.

2. Show behind the scenes

This gives you a good opportunity to showcase your work ethics, thought process and business character. People love to know how a product was made. They also like to know about the people who made it.

3. Present your product

Now that people like your content, they are more inclined to buying from you. Now is the time to present your Product to them. Your audience is already warmed up to all the process and effort you showed them. Chances are they are already anticipating your product. This is a good strategy to launch your Product to a warmed up audience.

4. Now continue with newer type of content to maintain the fans you have already made. People follow you for the content. Your content is your daily activity of making your fans like you enough to buy from you when your product is ready for sale.

5. Run ads on social media to get newer people In your following every few months.

6. Contests and freebies are a great way to increase sales.

7. If a person enquires, have them come over and look at your work place. So they can see the functioning and backend of the work.

8. If you do an online business, have a welcome message for every person who enquires. It could be an introductory video you have made or a discount code. This makes a person feel welcome and well oriented with your process.

9. Your services are your best advertisement. Instead of spending money on Just making your brand visible to people, have a giveaway product or service in free. When people are not spending, they are looking around at the hygiene, interiors, staff training ,etc. People often give a good testimonial after a free service. The word of mouth spreads pretty strongly with this strategy.

10. Always give a small discount or extra something to repeat clients. That can be the main reason why people might choose you over a competitor.

11. Have all types of payment gateways in place for ease in transaction.

12. Figure out the stage at which people are dropping out after enquiring. Is it the lack of payment options, or delivery issues or material shortage. Now try to fix that aspect to convert those enquiries.

Businesses and social media need to be updated constantly according the evolving customers and market trends. Make sure you are on top of the game.

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