Checklist for Starting an Online Business

Starting an online Business is a great option for a career. However it is a misunderstood term. Let’s break down what does online business mean.

Online – Anything that needs internet.

Business- Means of earning.

Here is what Google thinks.

Online business simply means communicating with people through internet and earn money by selling services or products to them.

However there is a misconception in the minds of the people that Online business is something that can be a means to quick money by little effort. This couldn’t be further away from the reality.

Online business Does not mean more money in less work. It takes a long time to set up a business online.

If you choose to do your online business from home, it will only save your transport and office rent. But the effort and time will be required. The commitment and professionalism have to be up to the industry standards.

Hence, The words work from home or online business shouldn’t be synonymous with easy work and more money

Starter Kit

Lets move on to the starter kit for an online business.

1. Decide the product or service you want to sell. Sort out the permissions and sourcing.

2 Analyse yourself and check where you stand according the current industry standards.

3. Start building up an online audience. Online audience includes your social media and newsletter subscribers.

4. Start engaging with your audience through quality content allied to the business you will be starting.

5. Build your website. This will be the home for your business.

6. Register in all possible local, national and international directories.

7. Launch your business to your audience.

8. Run ads for promotion.

9. Improvise and keep improving as you grow.

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