Make custom & Branded cover for Instagram Highlights

The trend is fast shifting from Love stories to Insta Stories!

Are you a Smartphone Entrepreneur?

Are you using Instagram stories?

If you have been into social media marketing for a while, you would know that instagram is going to rule the SMM world till 2020. If you haven’t joined that bandwagon yet, now is the time to do so.

Every platform goes through a cycle of being new and just being discovered to being over cluttered. Facebook has reached that stage already. Instagram posts have already reached the cluttered stage as well. The meat now lies in the Instagram stories and IGTV .

The basic attraction of stories is that it lasts for 24 hours before disappearing. Instagram stories can now be archived for more than 24 hours. That can be done by adding them to highlights.

Instagram Highlights

Instagram stories can now be archived in your highlights forever. Once you categorise your highlights into different sections they appear in your account right below your bio. That is a crucial real estate of your account. If that looks haywire, its not going to create the right impression. Here is how you can create custom branded covers for your Instagram Highlights.

Watch the full episode video on my IGTV

Instagram Highlights can be used to categorise different aspect of your account. It serves as a menu for a website. Visitors can get a quick idea of what your content is, just by looking at your highlights. So make sure you organise your highlights well. The branding of the covers has to be done well.

Learn how to create branded images on your smartphone

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