Facebook Watch Party

Edit: a new feature was added after the above video was made. You can now appear in your watch party as well. Just click on your profile picture in the watch party screen and your front camera opens up.

Facebook has come up with this new feature for Facebook Groups, pages and profiles.. It is called the Watch party.

A watch party is essentially a real time video sharing feature. The person who hosts a watch party, can play multiple videos and the entire group can watch it together. Its like watching a television broadcast. The person hosting a watch party is basically sharing his/ her screen with the whole group. Any video that is hosted on a facebook page or in the same group can be played in a watch party.

The viewers can suggest new videos that can be added to the playlist. The host can approve or decline this request.

Get it right

1. Watch party can be used to collaborate with Facebook groups.

2. Make sure you upload at least 30 minute worth of video content on your Facebook page. This content can be played multiple times in watch parties.

3. Anything less than 20 minutes is too short to get attention

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Get maximum out of the watch party

1. Have your video content in order of relevance. This ensures the audience watching it after the party ends get to see it in the right sequence.

2. Educate the viewers about the concept.

3. Adding value is the single most important factor to ensure people keep watching your videos till the end. If your content is not high on value, no feature can help it.


Watch party is simple, flexible and the latest feature of Facebook . Since facebook is currently providing good organic reach to groups and new features launched you should ride on this wave and capitalise on it.

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Add value to your readers. Value is the single most important factor for content to go viral. There is no mild way of putting it. But nobody on social media is interested in Looking at promotions flashed to them. People ignore them and move on. Have a look at your portal and timeline. If its full of promotional content revamp your strategy now. People don’t want to be sold stuff all the time. They want to have a good time on social media. They want to read topics of their Interest. Make sure your content is worth your readers time. If it isn’t they will just move on. So spend your content generation time wisely. Test your Content : Are your readers taking back something new after they consume your content?  If the answer is No , then remove the valueless content and add value right now. .

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