How should your facebook profile look?

You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression!

More often than not, your social media profiles are your answer to the question ” Tell me something about yourself.”

Are you telling the world the best about yourself on your social media profiles? Lets check it out.

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1. Your Profile picture.

Profile picture is the picture with which you are going to get discovered! It is the most important real estate on your entire profile page. Make sure your profile picture talks about you. It should brand you and nothing else. Nobody wants to land on a Facebook profile and see a company, logo, organisation or brand logo in the profile picture. Remember people want to interact with real people. If your profile picture is anything but your face it establishes these facts

1. You are a spammy profile that wants to hide an identity.

2. You are not confident of displaying your face on your profile.

Both these reasons are enough to create a negative 1st impression in the readers mind.

Get it right

  • Get your own picture in your profile
  • Don’t overlay branding of another institution or business on your profile picture
  • Endorse yourself in your profile picture
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Keep your profile photo of yourself.

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2. Your cover photo

A cover photo is the largest real estate you have on your profile. Use it wisely. Don’t fill it up with texts. Make sure it is visual and graphic . Even if you write all your professional information in your cover photo, not many people are going to type your url in the browser to check out your website. Instead make it graphic and explanatory. That helps people understand more about you. People only click on URLs. Nobody really types in big url to access any website or page. So there is very little use of branding URLs in a non clickable image.

Get it right

  • Make your cover photo graphic
  • Use it wisely so your overall profile looks stunning
  • Make sure you try it out against your profile picture. Your profile photo and cover photo should compliment each other. Not eat into each other.
  • Keep text to a minimum
  • You may add your social media handles at the most.
  • You may add clickable links in the caption of your cover photo.
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Make your cover photo graphic.

3. Your profile information or Bio

Your Bio and profile information is the most actionable part of your profile. Once you have caught the eye of a reader by the graphic elements, a reader will move on to your Bio. This is the part where you can write and tag all the relevant URLs. People can click on the tags and links in your bio and land on your pages, website , YouTube channel etc. This is the easiest way to direct the users to your main portal as clicking involves very little effort.

Get it right

  • Make sure all your relevant portals are tagged and mentioned in your bio.
  • Tag only the pages created by yourself.
  • Add all your featured content thoughtfully. You can add your website, social media handles and other information so it is easily clickable.
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This is how your bio looks like

★★Here is a summary image of all the points we discussed. ⬇️

4 Featured content

Facebook has a feature wherein you can add pages, images, videos, groups as your highlighted content. This content is public and can be viewed by everyone.

Get it right

  • Use this space to highlight your achievements, work, best moments
  • If you have facebook groups that you wish to highlight, they can be added here.
  • Keep in mind this content is going to be public.
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This is how your featured content looks like

5. Privacy

Facebook allows users to customise privacy for every post. This allows users to show their content to specific audience.

Get it right

  • Share some relevant content publicly, so visitors can gauge the quality of content you endorse. Your public content is also seen in the timeline of your followers.
  • Do keep some content just for friends so there is an exclusivity for the people in your friends list.
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Adjust the privacy of your facebook posts strategically

6. Finding your facebook profile in Search engine

While setting up your profile, you are asked a question. Do you want your profile to be found in search engine?

Get it right

Click yes on that option. That is the only way Google will link all your social media handles together to gather all your Information. This is the information that will be found in Google searches about you.

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In the current Facebook algorithm, facebook profiles have maximum organic reach. Use your Facebook profiles smartly and wisely. Use each piece of real estate available to create a perfect brand for yourself. That’s one of the best ways to spread your message. Your social media is your most easily accessible and shareable branding. Don’t miss out on making it right.

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