Latika Manaktala – The Lady Bosses Feature

Love what you do or do what you love”

Talented, Enthusiastic, energetic and Focused are the words that pop in my mind right away as I think of this Lady Boss – Latika Manaktala.

With 12+ years of experience in her purse, Latika has worked with several companies on their marketing campaigns. She has a deep understanding of the characters and personas businesses can have if executed correctly by using the right strategies. She now consults and helps small businesses and passionate Entrepreneurs to build and market their business.

Let us get to know today’s Lady Boss a little better.

Q. Latika, Please tell us something about your Business. How did it all begin for you?

A. My baby oops.. my business venture is called Mistletoe.

I started my digital marketing company 4 years back and also started a Business women labs a year back- where I work exclusively with women entrepreneurs to help them build and bloom their businesses. I think the uniqueness of my offerings to all my clients is that special connect, empathy for their business. We don’t work as vendors but as Partners and take responsibility of their growth.

Q. Is there any particular incident that led you towards your independent business?
A. I was wearing multiple hats in my last startup as an employee. One day I felt that why can’t I do it all by myself if I am doing it as an employee from getting the clients to delivering the service.

On that entrepreneurial path I also discovered my other strengths which helped me create another venture solely for women entrepreneurs.

Q. What does success mean to you?

If you are happy you are successful.

It is that simple.

If you do what you love to do or love what you do – you are successful.

Q. What difficulties did you overcome to reach at today’s stage of success?

An entrepreneurial path is not an easy one at all but if you are able to crack it- its all worth it.

Right from getting new clients, to market myself, to handling a difficult team to do accounting and filing my taxes – I faced it all and now I have aced it all.

It’s really commendable how Latika is helping entrepreneurs give their businesses a facelift through her experience, thorough research and knowledge. This spirit of helping and empowering others is what makes her The Lady Boss that she is! Congratulations Latika. The Lady Bosses wishes you all the success in future. I am sure This conversation will motivate all our readers to take that step towards their dream.

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2 thoughts on “Latika Manaktala – The Lady Bosses Feature

  1. cbholganza says:

    i love this! my wife is an entrep herself. she is also a strong-willed lady who will not allow her being a woman to disadvantage her. and my daughter is following suit. cheers to all you strong ladies out there!

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