How to benefit from Facebook Groups? Smartphone Entrepreneur

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can be more.”

If you spend at least one hour per day on facebook, you definitely are a part of at least a few facebook groups. Building your own community on social media is very important to have a consistent audience base. Facebook groups help us to do that in a very systematic way.

Facebook groups are essentially a community built around one particular interest or purpose. This community building helps harness the collecrive energy of a group of people and channel it towards one purpose.

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How can you utilise this free platform to your benefit? How will you make optimum Use of facebook groups?

1. Be an active part of the community.

2. Contribute to the forum. Don’t just take what the community offers. The more engagement you create in groups, the more visibility you get.

3. Participate in the non virtual meets.

4. Follow the rules of the community.

5. Add value. This point cannot be emphasised enough. Only if you add value, will you garner the attention you require. If you are very vague or over selling in your posts they will go unnoticed.

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6. Use all the features facebook groups have to offer.

Facebook allows you to go live in the group. This garners a lot of views as facebook live is promotes by facebook.

Post really engaging posts. Once facebook recognises your profile as an engagement generating profile, you will automatically be pushed in timelines.

Comment and engage on other peoples posts. That is also counted by Facebook as engagement.

7. Facebook prioritises post formats accordingly.

  • Facebook live videos
  • Preshot videos
  • Watch party
  • Images or gifs
  • Pure text

Keep this in mind while creating your next piece of content. Playing by the rules of facebook is the best bet to garner a good organic reach.

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Add value to your readers. Value is the single most important factor for content to go viral. There is no mild way of putting it. But nobody on social media is interested in Looking at promotions flashed to them. People ignore them and move on. Have a look at your portal and timeline. If its full of promotional content revamp your strategy now. People don’t want to be sold stuff all the time. They want to have a good time on social media. They want to read topics of their Interest. Make sure your content is worth your readers time. If it isn’t they will just move on. So spend your content generation time wisely. Test your Content : Are your readers taking back something new after they consume your content?  If the answer is No , then remove the valueless content and add value right now. .

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Learn How to make Professional looking images, Graphics and videos within minutes Just over your SmartPhone

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