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“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

India is one of the most densely populated countries in the entire world! Come to think of it from a business point of view, you have that many more people to sell to! The Resellers Community in India is increasing exponentially by every passing day. Then how will you stand out from this evergrowing competition of Resellers?

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What is Reselling?
Reselling is Buying Stuff in bulk at a good price and selling it to another customer at a higher price. The difference in the buying cost and selling cost is the profit a reseller makes

Who can become a Reseller?

Anybody can become a reseller. There is no academic pre requisite to become a Reseller.

In India, several women choose to become resellers because of the flexibility it offers. With Reselling they can work from home and balance other responsibilities well.

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What are the Benefits of Reselling?

  1. Low investment
  2. Minimal financial risk.
  3. Incredible profit potential.
  4. Work from home
  5. Flexibility
  6. Minimal skill requirements

Since you have read till here you are already a reseller or genuinely interested in becoming one. Once you decide what to sell and figure out where to source it from all that’s left is actual selling. There are numerous ways of selling on different platforms. In this article we will deal with how to use facebook and whatsapp for reselling.

Build your Network

  • Start building your own ENGAGED network on social media platforms. Even before you decide what you want to sell, its always good to have an audience base with a good rapport .
  • The easiest ways for marketing for resellers are facebook & Whatsapp. For that you need to
  • Open a Facebook page
  • Download and install Whatsapp

Facebook Marketing for resellers.

Facebook is a wonderful and very rewarding place to do business. It’s a free platform. Facebook pages have a full blown shop support. You can create offers and sell products through your Facebook pages. You can place sponsored posts through your pages to reach your target audience.

Facebook Groups are the ideal place to actually sell your products regularly. You can join some really engaged groups. There

  • Make genuine connections with the people . Once the people know you they will be comfortable to buy from you.
  • Sponsor your products for group contests. That way you get a good free promotion. When a person receives a sample of your products she is going to remember your brand for sure.
  • Write articles about topics related to your industry. People like to read new information and become aware of different concepts. This is called content marketing. Build solid original content around your product. Educate people about the ways in which your product can be used. Then sell it to them. Content marketing creates trust in the minds of your potential clients.

E.g.: if you are selling lipsticks then you can write about skin care.

    • Go live on Facebook. Facebook live has a natural visibility due to the facebook algorithm. Make use of it. Once you get good visibility, give your listeners good information. Promoting your product all the time turns people away. It also creates a negative brand image. When you are creating content marketing, make sure your content is good and relevant to your audience.
    • Share high quality photographs of your product. In today’s time and age, there is no excuse for poor photos. If visual medium is the primary way of selling for you, your photographs have to be the best quality. Make sure the lighting is adequate. Learn a few basic photography skills. That way you dont spend a bomb on outsourcing photography every time you get new stock.
    • Make sure your profile looks credible. Facebook profiles with pictures of everything but yourself turn people away. It’s an obvious spammy profile. This does not build any trust in peoples minds for the seller or the product. This shows that the seller wants to hide his/ her identity and does not want to be associated with the product herself.


      • Attend Networking meets. Networking meets is extremely important to strengthen your database. Meeting people in person can never lose its charm. It just seals your identity in another persons mind. Also once people meet you on person, they are more likely to engage with you on social media.

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          • Post on selected facebook groups appropriately. Choose a few groups you want to engage in. Segregate the groups according to the promotional days.That way you can easily access multiple groups at a go without spamming them.

            Segregate groups depending on the promotional days. Create a shortcut of groups on your homescreen

          • Register in all the free Directories or listings that the groups have to offer. This will help you become visible in Google search.
          • Sponsor bloggers to feature in their blogs. This helps your audience get a deeper perspective about you and your brand. They start associating your story with your brand. This again helps to grow your visibility and Google ranking.

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              Reselling with whatsapp

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              Use of Whatsapp is growing very rapidly in the reselling world. Make use of all the whatsapp features to be on top of your reselling game.

              • Create broadcast list of all your potential customers. Don’t spam them though. Keep in touch with them at a regular interval. Do share interesting information apart from your product with them. Whatsapp marketing also demands you to develop a good rapport with your clients.
              • Many people don’t like being sent multiple images due to over consumption of data. You can send them a facebook page link or blog link where they can see the pictures. This saves you a lot of effort and data of sending multiple pictures through whatsapp to multiple people. Your contacts cannot interact with each other in a broadcast list.maximum capacity of a broadcast list is 250 people.
              • One thing you should keep in mind is broadcast message does not reach to the people who don’t have your contact saved. This is an inbuilt feature to prevent spamming. So make sure you are not sending unsolicited messages to people. You could get reported and your account could get suspended.
              • You can create a whatsapp group within minutes. All your potential contacts can be added to a whatsapp groups without them having to save your contacts. One whatsapp group can hold 250 people.
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              • Create shortcuts of important whatsapp conversations and add them to your home screen. That way you dont keep searching for them in your conversations.

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                Add Conversation Shortcuts
                Did you know you can attach conversation shortcuts on your home screen for people you chat with most frequently? Isn’t that just so easy and amazing? All you need to do is tap and hold a chat from your favourite person , click on 3 dots on top and then select ‘Add chat shortcut’ from the menu.

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                Organise your Contacts efficiently!

                If you are going to deal with multiple customers, dealers and suppliers at a time then you need an organised approach to your contacts. You cannot be wasting time to hunt for a contact every time you need it. You cannot loose your contacts if your smartphone crashes.

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                • The best way to sync and backup your contacts is with Google.

                Just sync your contacts with your Google account. Watch this video to understand how to sync your contacts. Go to Contacts.Google.com to see all your synced contacts. Contacts can ne imported or exported easily from this spreadsheet.


                • The second way to do it is by Google forms.

                Just create a Google form. Keep adding your contacts to it. The added contacts will keep getting saved in a spreadsheet in your Google drive. You can import these contacts to Google contacts and have it ready in your phonebook for communication. You can send a link of Google form to your customers. So they do all the writing part. This ensures minimum spelling mistakes.

                Accept Multiple modes of Payments

                People prefer convenience. Make sure you accept all the basic modes of payment. The Easier you make it for your customer to pay the better for your business.

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                Once your contacts and marketing is set you can easily target your efforts towards the sales part. Happy reselling 💕

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