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Digital marketing is fast changing its faces. As a business owners You have to be on top of the game to understand and catch the latest waves of communication.

Whatsapp has emerged as the one most widely used app in India. Ever since it has been taken over by Facebook, the users are waiting for new features to be added constantly.

Whatsapp is extensively used by the young as well as the elderly. It is the one app that is quick, has text,video and call sharing options and has people from every age group hooked! This phenomenon is here to stay. Whatsapp marketing is fast overtaking email marketing.
2 Biggest Advantage of Whatsapp are


What should you know about Whatsapp marketing?

1. Whatsapp is the Most widely used messenger in India.

The best way of communicating with a large number of people is using the portal they already use. People are resistant to change. Bank on the familiarity of people for the portal for a quick interaction.

2. The quick response and promptness of Whatsapp

With all the super charged features comes a promotes of response. Traditional customer care portals come with a timeline of 24 hours before response through an automated email. Whatsapp cuts the response time and gives the entire interaction a quick and personalised experience. Companies with whatsapp customer care have a dedicated personnel for the job.

3. The diverse age groups using Whatsapp messenger

Today Whatsapp is one of the most widely used app by the young and old generation equally. This might be the only Free app that has immense popularity across age groups. While the younger generations are enjoying the modern media formats the older folks enjoy sending their sanskaari and nutrition messages. The comfort that the older generation has developed with this app is remarkable. This cutting across age groups gives this app a huge advantage over any other platform.

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4. Features

  • Groups

Groups are a wonderful way of communicating with a lot of people on whatsapp. Everybody is making whatsapp groups to get all the people with a common connection together. Be it Family, school college, local or international. Groups are excellent for communicating quickly. In a whatsapp group every individual can communicate with other group members. Everyone has access to the contacts from the group. Because of its closed nature whatsapp groups are one of the most famous phenomena in India at present.

  • Broadcast

Broadcast lists are an equivalent of email lists. In a broadcast list the sender can send a message to lots of people at a time individually. These people on a broadcast list cannot interact with other people on the list. They can only reply to the sender. However your broadcast messages reach only those people who have the senders number saved in their contacts. If the number is not saved the reader will not receive the message.

  • Individual messaging

Individual messaging is the most important aspect of Personalised whatsapp marketing. This feature can be used for solving customer issues. One to one interactions often gives 50% more response rate. People can give honest feedbacks and reviews.

However this requires promptness in action. So adopt this strategy only of you have a dedicated personnel for this job.

  • Privacy and encryption

Whatsapp conversations are protected by encryption. This security gives people a lot of confidence in the platform.

  • Different media sharing

Whatsapp offers sharing of links, pdf documents, media, contacts and location extremely easy. The sheer formats of files that can be shared across whatsapp is a big plus point from the users point of view. Sharing rich media is a very important feature of digital marketing.

  • Voice notes

Sharing voice note by 1 click is a very user friendly option. Older generation has a lot of trouble reading the smaller fonts. The uneducated population can communicate very effectively through voice mail. There are innumerable applications where this feature can prove to be a boon.

  • Attachments

The attachment feature allows the user to send every media from the phone within 2 minutes. No wonder India is sharing and communicating to such a large extent

  • Sharing Contacts

Whatsapp allows sharing of contact files in 1 click. The user can save this contact with 1 click! All this ease leads to a richer user experience. This in turn leads to a richer interaction between a business and a client.

  • Location sharing

Whatsapp allows you to share your current location easily. Anyone can follow the directions via Google maps and reach you without any difficulty. You can share the location of offices and outlets with your customers easily.

  • Voice call

You can call a contact through a whatsapp voice call. This feature is fast overtaking the traditional phone calls. You don’t get charged extra. This cost gets included in your data costs.

  • Video call

You don’t need to download, install and login to another app for a video call now. Whatsapp offers it for free! This feature can be used for assessments of goods and products post sales.

  • No Country Limitation

Whatsapp does not have any ISD charges. It allows you to talk to anybody across the globe without any additional cost. Families across the globe are connected through whatsapp easily. So can you connect with your global customer base.

  • Phonebook contact Sync

The contacts from the phone book get synced in whatsapp contacts automatically. And vice versa. This is a very easy way of increasing your contact list quickly

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●Whatsapp for Business.

This the latest update by whatsapp. Watch this video for more details

With such an impressive list of features, whatsapp is the best and easiest way to communicate and market your business. Don’t miss out on this platform!

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