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“We don’t have a choice wheather we do social media, the question is How Well WE DO IT!

Everybody wants to be the person who is aware of all the social trends going around. Social trends make up around 40% of social conversation topics today. People primarily care about themselves. If you want to share content on your social media platform and want people to share it here are the things you can take care of.

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1. Understand people’s psychology

People are trying to build their own brand while sharing stuff on their timeline. They are associating with content that makes them stand out and defines them in a good light. If you create content that people can ally with easily, they will share it.

Test your Content : As a reader will you share your own piece of content?

If the answer is yes, Go ahead and put it out there.

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2. Don’t talk at people. Interact with them.

Today s reader has zillions of resources to find information. They have to like your content to follow you and read from you. The person and brand behind the content makes the difference. Let your tone be genuine. Be human. Creating a connection through text or videos with your audience is difficult. Try to put in that extra effort to stand out.

Test your Content: Would you come back for more from your brand if you were a reader?

If the answer is no, Improvise the content before publishing.

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3. Add value to your readers.

Value is the single most important factor for content to go viral.

There is no mild way of putting it. But nobody on social media is interested in Looking at promotions flashed to them. People ignore them and move on. Have a look at your portal and timeline. If its full of promotional content revamp your strategy now. People don’t want to be sold stuff all the time. They want to have a good time on social media. They want to read topics of their Interest. Make sure your content is worth your readers time. If it isn’t they will just move on. So spend your content generation time wisely.

Test your Content : Are your readers taking back something new after they consume your content?
If the answer is No , then remove the valueless content and add value right now.

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4. Does your content invoke a reaction from the readers?

Every piece of content should either

  1. Entertain
  2. Educate or
  3. Generate curiosity

Your content should make your readers react strongly. They should associate your content strongly with an emotion. That is when it will be etched in their minds.

Test your Content: Is your content solving a problem your readers might have?

If the answer is yes, Publish it!

Money is one of the rewards you get for adding value to the lives of others

5. Format of posting.

Every social media platforms has its own format for posting. No 2 platforms can have the same success formula. Choose the platforms wisely. Modify your content to suit each platform before posting. A facebook post won’t necessarily work on Twitter or Snapchat. Make your own recipe and work around it.

Test your Content: Is your content fitting into the platforms format?

If No, then modify your format and then publish it.

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6. What can you post

Changing the content style is a great way of keeping your readers engaged. You can post the following things to generate content.

  1. Behind the scenes clips
  2. Testimonials of your customers
  3. Ideologies your brand allies with
  4. The pictures and character sketches of people working behind the brand.
  5. Information about your industry
  6. Information to help people make buying decisions regarding your industry.
  7. Collaborate with other leaders from Same or different industries
  8. Host giveaway contests

There are several content ideas that can be posted on your social media portals. As long as your followers are loving it, you are on the right path. However don’t get stagnated. Try to mix and match your ideas to create your unique style. Social media should have a long term strategy. It is all about how you communicate with your followers every single day.

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