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“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

All of us start our businesses out of great love , passion and ambition. Marketing plays an important role in taking any business to the masses. Several people start posting their ads on Facebook and Whatsapp trying to get more clients or customers. But it doesn’t always work.

Here are 7 tips to grab maximum eyeballs with your facebook advertisements for free!!

1) Title your post according to where you are posting it.

Titles play an important role in helping people search for their requirements. If someone wants to shop on a platform they will enter 1 search word for their requirements. If you don’t title, your post will not appear in the search results. You will miss out on those clients.

2) Make your posts creative.

Just posting your page will not make people like your page. If they like it, they might not necessarily buy from you. Connect with your audience. Say something nice in the post text for your audience.. Make people remember your ad. People are on social media for fun. Dont make them work.

Social media is No longer about the stuff you sell, but about the Stories that you Tell!

3) Offer something more

People are on Facebook for leisure. Make your ad worthwhile for them. If it looks like it’s posted disinterestedly its not going to create a buzz. Offer something extra to the readers. Discounts, gifts etc.
Group discounts work best.

4) Interact with people.

Facebook is all about interaction. More you interact with others, more people will like to do business with you. Don’t just push your ads and expect people to choose you over other online stores. Invest time in talking to them, getting to know them.

5) Give value before you take.

If you are marketing in a group, add value to the group. Be a valuable member by contributing to the content of the group. Comment productively on other people s posts. Post interactive posts. Make sure your content is meaningful. Only then will the group members consider you. If they like what you post, chances are they might want to interact with you.

6) Don’t push your ads too much

Moderation is the key. If you are posting in too many places too fast, facebook will consider you a spammer. A spammer is of no value to anyone. Don’t be the annoying ad where people just change the channel and move on. That will get negative image to you and your brand.

7. Facebook Pages.

The visibility of facebook pages is going down by every passing day. No matter how much effort you put in, the engagement will depend on how much you pay to sponsor a post. Facebook groups is the answer to beat this algorithm. Persistently on Facebook groups. Avoid sharing posts from your pages.
Social media is about interaction. Make sure you follow that principle before trying to apply it to your business.

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