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In todays time of social media, marketing has become very easy and visual. However as all social media platforms are moving towards paid promotions and advertising, organic reach keeps diminishing. 

Email marketing has traditionally been the primary mode of marketing. 

Simply put , Email marketing means interacting with your potential clients through emails. You could send your updates, offers, new product launches or news about your business through emails. 

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

1. You own the email list you have. 

All your social media portals are  owned by the companies. You do not really own your fans and followers on social media. So if the company decides to close the doors you lose all your fan following and audience base. 

However, all the emails you have collected over a period of time are your property. You can communicate with your followers one to one. The presence or absence of social media platforms will not affect your audience base.

2.  Email interaction gives a personal touch 

Emails give you an opportunity to have a conversation with your audience. You can build a rapport with your clients. 

3. You can launch exclusive deals and offers for your email customers.

This will make them feel special. Also the conversion rate with email will increase. This also develops loyalty towards your brand. 

4. You can include your social media links so your audience can connect with you on multiple channels.

This will help drive more traffic to your website or social media.  

5. Email marketing is free in most cases. 

Depending on which service provider you use, email marketing is free for a specific number of subscribers. 

6. Email marketing is done with the receivers consent. This prevents spamming if done properly. If sent without the consent, or if the receiver feels spammed one can unsubscribe from receiving the emails. The receivers choice plays a big role in the success of email marketing. 

7. Automation 

You can automate the email process. Once you set the system, your emails will be sent automatically. This saves you a lot of time!  

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How do you do email marketing?

 1. Create your email list.

You need the email addresses first that you can market to. Collect the emails of all the potential clients.

2. Sign up for a Bulk email service provider

You cannot send emails through your personal email account to 100s of people. You will be marked as a spammer and your account will be blocked. Signup for bulk email service providers. is a free bulk email service provider. signup now and start sending emails to your subscribers right away!

3. Copy paste the email addresses in your account.

Wherever you store your emails, import them to your bulk email account. This is where you will need them to be to be able to send email campaigns to them.

4. Start and send  email campaigns.

Once your account is set and your email list imported, create a campaign. You will have to create an email to send to your email list. Decide on the content, images and call to action. Assemble everything properly and hit send.

There you go. That’s how simple it is to start with your email marketing.

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