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Running a business is no mean task! Organising your data and making it easy to access and analyse is a very stressful job. No need to invest a ton of money in fancy softwares as yet. Just use Google forms and your data organising is done on the go. Stress no more!

Each of us uses at least 2 Google products every single day! That’s how much it has influenced our lives. We often forget how days were without the ease of navigation maps or Google search. Once you become an entrepreneur, you start looking for things that ‘ll make your life easier. Initially there isn’t enough cash to invest in slick tools. At such a stage in my career One of the tools I discovered was Google Forms! I cherish Google forms. So simple yet so functional!

Now you might be thinking what are Google forms?

 Google Forms are used to create a survey. Basically, you prepare a questionnaire once and several people can answer it. The questions could be anything from market survey, to customer data to class tests. 

This form can then be shared with as many people as you want. The users have to just fill in the answers and click submit button on the bottom. 

All these responses from all the people get organised in a neat clean spreadsheet! Where do I begin from to tell you how much I love spreadsheets. I ‘ll write a full different article on how cool spreadsheets are. So back to the point. All the responses can be analysed and sorted in the spreadsheet. 

Organise your data in a spreadsheet for easy analysis.

So if you have a shop and you want to collect all your customers names and numbers when they enter, just make a Google form and make them fill it. All your contacts and database gets sorted.

What are the cool features that Google forms have?


Google forms are a free application. You can create as many forms as you want. You can edit your forms as many times as you want. Go ahead and make a form for customer data, accounts maintainence, staff record and everything else you can think of.

Go to on your android phone to access your Google forms

2. It can be customised 

Google forms can be customised by applying some really cool themes. You can even upload your own branded headers. The questions can be customised totally as per your requirements. You can customise email notifications if you want to be alerted on the receipt of a response. 

3. You can now accept images via Google forms.

Google has made receiving images simple by adding this feature in the free template of Google forms. Each form can receive 1gb of images in total. It’s become easy to accept images for exhibitions or auditions with this feature.

4. You can create tests and quizzes in Google forms

Yes! Teachers all over the world have been using Google forms to conduct class tests on Google forms since years. You can easily configure a test , quiz or a questionnaire. You can give it points. It declares the results automatically. Savvy isn’t it?!I sometimes feel Google thinks about our comfort more than we do. ūüėā

5. You can add people to collaborate with you on a form 

You can share the form with people and allow them to edit it. This function is very helpful when a virtual team is contributing on a project. It helps to have all the basics for the team in one place.

6. You can add a Google form to your website!

Without the knowledge of coding, you can easily add a Google form to your website. Make your “contact us page” with a Google form and get all your prospective clients data sorted out.

7. Add images 

You can add images to your forms for illustration. It keeps the reader captivated and makes the process interesting.

8. You can add multiple types of questions.

You can allow people to answer in different ways like checkboxes, multiple choice, text paragraphs etc. This helps in making the form filling process quick. It also breaks the monotony of format.

9. You can provide a different set of questions to people depending on their answers.

If you have a different questionnaire for yes and no answers that can be done in Google forms.

10. You can show completion bars to let people know how many questions They are left with to answer. This helps to keep them motivated to complete the form.

With all these cool features Google forms is one of the most functional and widely used application of Google. Start using it now. All you need is a gmail account and you are sorted.

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