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Social Media has made the world shrink at an alarming rate. However Connecting with new people was never easier. Businesses can now connect with wider audiences at the click of a button. You just need to know which button to click and when.

Unfortunately everyone is aware of this fact. Hence it gets difficult to cut through the crowd and clutter to reach your target audience. Today we will talk about How you can use social media to reach your target audience.

1. Be Regular

Social media portals need to be nurtured. You cannot be irregular if you want a consistent growth in your following. Your followers should be depending on you for regular value. It should get boring how dependable you can be.

2.How frequently should You be posting?

You should post around 2 to 3 times a week. This will help you keep your target achievable and consistent. If you start with posting everyday and can’t keep up to it, you run a risk of losing the hard earned followers. With so much quality content around followers tend to be unforgiving.

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3. What if I am travelling or unable to access social media?

You can use scheduling feature on Facebook pages and Groups.

For other platforms you can use Scheduling calendar and app like BUFFER.

Buffer a free app available on android and iOS.

This app will help you schedule your posts for days in advance. You just have to curate your content, schedule it and forget about it. The app will make sure your social media is updated regularly and consistently. This will ultimately lead to your content working for you.
Buffer helps you track the performance of your posts.

You can add your profiles of different platforms in Buffer and relax.

Another app you can use free of cost is Hootsuite. Here again you can add 4 accounts in the free version .

Almist all the social media apps have their native post scheduler. Make use of that for scheduling posts in advance. That means your social media runs on autopilot without you having to show up.

Buffer App for scheduling Social media posts.

4. Use Google sheets as content calender. Create content and create a calender with it in Google sheets. That way you are not posting content thoughtlessly. Also you have enough planning in the calender to just pick up and post a piece of content from the calender.

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