The Lady Bosses Program FAQs 

So its been some days we are reading about The Lady Bosses Program (TLBP) on Puneri Thaska. Some of us have a few questions regarding this program. I am making this post so everyone gets to know the details of our program. Here are a few FAQs. If you have any more questions drop them in the comments. I ‘ll update the answers soon. 

Founder and admin : Dr Shweta Kakade Potdar 

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1. What is The Lady Bosses? 

The Lady Bosses is a branch of Puneri Thaska. We realised that there is a huge section of women entrepreneurs who want to learn about business development and business expansion. But the available courses are either very expensive or inaccessible to several women. Hence we came up with this program. This is essentially a training program for Business women where they can listen to mentors, experts and teachers from different fields and update their knowledge.

2. How does the membership work?
You have to be a member of Puneri Thaska Facebook group to be eligible for the lady bosses program. Membership to puneri thaska was, is and will always be FREE. 

The Lady Bosses However is a paid membership program. The fee for the 1st chapter is INR 500. The members of Puneri Thaska who register and pay INR 500 can be a part of this program. You can register Here

3. What is actually going to be covered in the program? 

The Lady Bosses is an online program. This course will be conducted on Facebook. You will be able to watch mentors talk and interact with them on facebook. The members will get to listen to 6 experts from different fields. We basically get a whole classroom online for you. We have experts from following fields on the panel.

Business coach

Social media marketing

Marketing on other platforms

Image consultant 

Finance expert 

Fitness expert. 

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4. What are the advantages of this program? 
This program has many advantages.

★You don’t have to travel anywhere to gain knowledge. 

★You can sit comfortably in your house and gain all the value and knowledge from our experts. 

★You get to listen to and interact with experts at the cost of just INR 500! 

★You can finish all your household chores and responsibilities and watch the experts at any time of the day. You don’t have to take out separate time for it. 

★You can be anywhere in the world to be able to access this program. You just have to login to your facebook account to watch the program. Pune, outside pune, India, or any other country. All you need is internet connection. And facebook account to gain all this knowledge.

★★Get trained , get knowledge without any compromise and sacrifice!★★

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5. How long does the program last? 

This program lasts for 1 month. The membership fee of 500 Rs is valid for 1 month. It gives you access to the 1st chapter of the TLBP

6. Can my friends register? 

Ofcourse. More the merrier. We suggest you add your friends to Puneri Thaska Group on facebook first. Only then they can be eligible to register for TLBP. 

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7. Can men be a part of TLBP? 

Puneri Thaska is a ladies only group.  And TLBP allows PT members only. So men are not allowed in this program. Besides, this program is designed specifically for women entrepreneurs from all stages of business. 

8. How do I register? 

Click here to register. 

Once your payment goes through we will send you a message of acknowledgement 

9. When is the program starting? 

The exact date of the program hasn’t been decided yet. We will inform you soon. Your membership will be considered from the day 1 of the program. 
Questions from Members 

How this program will run? 

—This is an online program. It will be conducted on facebook.
●Will that mentoring be for specific period on face to face meeting?

—The duration will be 1 month. Each mentor will do live talk for 60 minutes. You can engage with them for 5 days. After 5 days new mentor will be introduced and she will takeover.
●Will that be online meeting?

—All members will be part of a Facebook Group. That’s where the mentors will go Live. You can interact through comments and posts.
●Will this be listening/watching their prerecorded video?

—Videos will be live. You will have 1 week to watch each video before it is deleted. 
●Will this be specific number of videos?Or ongoing for time duration?

—Each mentor will do 2- 30 minute live videos. Total 60 mins. 3 days of engagement through comments and posts.
●What if something of one mentor is required more than other then how will that be worked out?

—Each mentor has 5 days. You can Ineteract and listen to them for that duration. If you need more help you can contact them personally.

Stay tuned for more.